Nightbot not working when offstream (Always was working)


In previous month i wrote same question bcs after making command /unignore Nightbot i thought it solved my problem but it was just temporary and it’s still not working while offline when always worked for me. Topic is still actual so i will copy paste same message and i wrote recently.

Since some time i got a problem with Nightbot when i got stream off and i type any command it just doesn’t work, if i go at nighbot website i see that i got this blue button to ,join channel" or something instead this red one that means that nighbot is connected. If i press this and i type command and nightbot works offline as well but why it’s happening like this? I never had problem with that and nightbot commands were always working for me when i was offline. Time to time it also happens when im live and nightbot doesn’t work so i need to go to the nighbot website and join channel again cuz its disconnected somehow. I had nickname change on Twitch in 2021 but i don’t think it should be a problem bcs it was working after my nickname change and nightbot randomly started leaving my channel since some time ago. I don’t have any managers added into Nightbot i’m the only 1 person that got access to the Nighbot. I tried to fix it with some Youtube videos but everything i did like on videos it just helped temporary and then goes back to disappearing when im offline.Maybe it really got something with my nickname change. Any ideas how to fix ur bot?

Hey @raen!

That’s really weird.

Last time we checked the managers list, do you perhaps have any connected application?

Otherwise I’ll suggest the following: as the channel owner, go to your Twitch connections, disconnect Nightbot, and then log back in the dashboard (you may still be logged in when you go back to the dashboard, in which case you’ll need to log out first).

If the issue persists after that and if I were you, I’ll wonder if my password got leaked and if people have access to my Twitch account, and therefore my Nightbot dashboard, and think they’re messing with me.

Yes i got 2 apps connected to the Nightbot SteamHero/StreamHero and Uplify.

Okay, so here’s what I’ll suggest to troubleshoot this, first try to reset the Twitch connection with the steps I gave above, if the issue persists, temporarily remove both of the apps, if the issue persists it could be someone who has access to your account, either by knowing your password, or because you logged in on their machine and forgot to log out (in which case update your password obviously), if the issue is solved tho’, then that means it’s one or both apps, in which case test each app independently, and if you notice the issue coming back for one or both of them, contact their support to let them know about it, if none of this works I’m out of ideas.

Reseted Twitch connection, will keep updating if solved problem or not.

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Reseting Twitch connection didn’t help. Removed both apps from Nightbot now and will test if it helped.

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Sending a message so the topic doesn’t close as it’s not been resolved as far as I know.

After some days of testing seems like disconnecting those 2 third party programs helped, now Nightbot stays all the time on the channel even when im offline (as it should). I think 99% it was the problem in my case so for now i think topic might be closed.

That’s great news!
I’d reach out to them to let them know about the issue so they fix it. Linking them this topic may be useful.

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