Nightbot not working in Twitch channel

Nightbot is a mod in my twitch channel and I am testing offline to make sure commands work.
Nightbot is not banned or ignored. I used /unignore nightbot to test. I have also unmoded and remoded nightbot as well, and had nighbot leave and rejoin channel, still no return for commands.

Hey @kiwiliciouz!

Please read this: Nightbot Troubleshooting

If you still have issues, give us more details as to what you’re trying to do and what you’ve done to achieve the desired result so far, we can’t guess what you need help with.

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Thanks Emily and happy Saturday.

I’ve done everything in the article first before I posted this. I made 1 command to test offline before I go live today. It’s a basic command with an !before which will return a text, nothing difficult or would need additional expressions, just !thecommand, =nightbot should return the text.

Thank you

Happy Saturday indeed!

I just went to your chat and I could reproduce your issue, meaning that the bot didn’t respond despite trying to call two commands that are available to everyone, Nightbot is a moderator too.

I wonder if it’s because the chat is in follower-only mode, but that doesn’t make much sense since usually moderators bypass this restriction, unless Twitch changed that recently…
Could you try turning that off and see if it solves your issue?

Hey Emily, I don’t see that follower’s only is on.

But I did use /followersoff anyway.

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Thank you!

Alright, I don’t know what’s the issue then… Sorry about that.
But hopefully @night will be able to look into it deeper at some point!

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Your Automod settings prevent Nightbot from posting:

Your message wasn’t posted due to conflicts with the channel’s moderation settings.


Thanks, I adjusted the automod settings and one command works but the other doesn’t.
It is weird that automod blocked the commands in the first place, neither of them posted anything that went against the levels automod was originally. I do want some filtering (low) on particular categories. I added an !insta command, to test, that did not work. Hyperlinks are blocked to not spam or promote, but it’s not blocked for moderators, admins and VIPs.

Looks like it’s the hyperlinks filter that blocks the messages, which is odd since it doesn’t affect other bots. :thinking:

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Good morning Emily. :sun_with_face: Yes I tested last night and the other two bots can post URL’s. I like to use a few bots as a layered security approach, in the event one fails, there is still protection.
I made some adjustments and instead of blocking URL’s through the twitch mod settings, I made the bots block. Nightbot can post the !insta command but for some reason that view command doesn’t work.

Using multiple bots can cause conflicts, and in your case, they spam your chat. Whatever popular bot you choose, it’ll rarely fail, their servers are reliable.

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