Nightbot not responding MIXER NEED HELP

timers work but nightbot won’t respond to commands on mixer. it is modded and everything. We are trying to do !clip for neat clips. this is the only bot that works for neat clips and we need to to work reliably. Before it would only work 25% of the time.

Problem still happening. when will it be fixed?

Still having issues. any solution coming?

Have you tried following our troubleshooting steps, which include specific configuration requirements for Mixer: Nightbot Troubleshooting

Yes that was the first thing we tried. Still does not work for neatclips

If you make an additional command (other than this neat clips command), does it respond consistently? It’s possible it may be some kind of issue with neatclip (like they may be telling Nightbot not to respond because they are supposed to in a delayed fashion using our API).

That is the only command we use. We have also reached out to neatclips by Twitter dm and email and have received no contact. Nightbot also has a habit of constantly leaving for up to 30 minutes at a time and when returning spam the timers. I would like to use a different bot for neatclips but the only supported bot for neatclips is nightbot.

The bot leaving for some amount of time is due to a crash that we’re still tracking down with an upstream library (we suspect it’s mixer’s library). Due to how Mixer’s chat service is built each channel Nightbot is in requires a separate connection to their chat, which is rate limited heavily. So it takes a long time for Nightbot to rejoin all chats. It’s only crashed once in the past week though, so that is not a major issue.

I understand it’s the only command you use, but I would recommend humoring us by trying an additional command when you experience issues with the !clip command, like the !clipgallery command also added to this chat.

In general, if you see !clips in the Nightbot logs then Nightbot did process that message. If there was no reply sent, then it got dropped somewhere along the way (whether that be on neatclips end or our end is unknown right now, which is why I recommend trying an additional command removing them from the equation).

Nightbot leaving has been happening very often for over a month. The streams average 8 hours and it leaves countless times. Most of the time it’s once every 30 minutes. So 16 times per 8 hour time span. We get whispers when people join/leave.

Yes the !clip shows in the nightbot log but no reply from the bot. !clipgallery sometimes works 50% of the time. We have also tried spamming the !clip command when we first set it up because it would not respond the first time. Only worked 50% of the time but now it never works.

That behavior is not what we are seeing on our charts for this service. I will add some additional logging to connection open/close events to see if there’s anything odd happening.

Out of curiosity I tested Nightbot over the span of an hour and was not able to reproduce it being unable to respond to a command. Does this stream have any kind of chat restrictions enabled? Slow mode perhaps?

There is no chat restrictions in the mixer chat

I have once again emailed neatclips

Chat and the log corresponding

Chat and the log corresponding

Yeah, that is pretty much proving that the issue may be on neatclip’s side. Unfortunately we are not affiliated with them and do not have contacts over there we can reach out to. You may be SOL in this kind of situation. For what it’s worth, their documentation you linked in that email states that Mixer is not supported.

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