Nightbot not joining channel

Nightbot wont join my channel and whenever I click join it says:

Please wait for me to join this channel, there is no need to spam the Join button.

I waited an hour and still said the same thing! Please help!


It also says that Nightbot is not a mod when in fact it is…

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I’m assuming your using the old version of Nightbot. Consider upgrading to the beta version at

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Ok ive got the beta version now but it still says that nightbots not a mod and he still wont join my channel

Hold up! Hes in the channel now thanks for the help Aaron!

How can i get Nightbot to join a YouTube Gaming channel?

Log in with a Youtube account and select join channel from the dashboard.

Nightbot is a mod and in my channel, but doesn’t show up… and I’m using the beta.

Nightbot for YouTube will only join your channel when you are live. This is currently a limitation on YouTube due to rate limits on YouTube’s API.

Night bot is not joining my youtube live stream and its pops up as mod and is connected through my account the updated version of nightbot and when i do !nightbot join or do !commands nothing pops up

As was already stated, it will only join your channel when you’re live. It can take a few minutes for it to join after you go live.

I am live atm but it still want join

It was also working the other day but today its not

Can you tell me how to delete nightbot im going to re do everything but if it doesnt work then im done with it

After checking the logs for your channel, it was properly joining. It’s possible you were not waiting long enough for a response or not waiting long enough for Nightbot to join after going live…

i have same problem. my stream is live for 30 minutes and no sense of nightbot on my channel… i gave a moderator to nighbot + my version is up to date… donno what to do help me pls i cant w8 forever.

If Nightbot is not joining your YouTube live chat it might be because Nightbot is banned from talking in your chat.

I’m a sub-user on a channel, and since the move to beta, I haven’t been able to make nightbot join the channel.

I also am having this issue on Twitch, I have the new Beta, and Nighbot is a moderator in my chat. Sometimes he will join, but it is very rarely. Then when he parts it takes an extreme amount of effort to get him to join my chat again. I am pretty unsure of what to do at this point. I love Nighbot so I don’t want to use anything else, any suggestions? @night Anything at this point on will be helpful! Thank you loads!

It is worth noting that Nightbot does not display a message in your chat when it joins any longer. If you are using that to judge when Nightbot joins, then that is why you’re confused. Furthermore, Twitch’s userlist is delayed and unstable, so it might take a while for Nightbot to show in the channel userlist too.

To check if Nightbot is in your channel, try using a command, like !commands, in your channel.