Nightbot isn't showing up or working

I’ve tried all the steps listed and even restarted all my devices and still can’t get nightbot to respond or show in chat. Is there anything else that I can try?

Hey @Mike_A!

Which platform are you streaming on?

I’m using Twitch on my Xbox one S, the Bot hasn’t responded since I changed my name on April 8th. It won’t show up in chat or even show it’s presence in chat logs. I have no clue what do to anymore

Have a look here: Nightbot Troubleshooting :wink:

I’ve done everything there and it still doesn’t work… Is there anything else I can try

Even parting the bot and rejoining it?

If yes, try logging out and logging back in the dashboard.

I’ve tried parting channel and rejoining. Everything I do is on mobile phone so I’m not sure how to log out of dashboard. If you can explain it I will definitely try it.

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That worked! Thanks!!!

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