Nightbot Hidden on some profiles and not on others on YT live chat

I can not see what Nightbot does or says under my YouTube owner account on my live stream chat but can see it under my YouTube user/member account on that same chat. I actually have a couple YouTube accounts I can’t see Nightbot on which is kind of a pain and makes it hard to control what Nightbot does on that chat for timers and such. I really don’t want the account I can see Nightbot with to be promoted to Moderator either. I have enough Mods on my live stream. I have contacted YouTube about this, thinking maybe Nightbot has been reported as Spam or Porn or something and they will have nothing to do with it considering it is 3rd party software. I have un-joined, logged out of all devices and re-logged back in and re-added Nightbot on my YT channel as well. From here I’m stuck. I think I have been as thorough as possible describing what is happening. Has anyone any suggestions from this point? They surely would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey @ka6tmq!

Sorry, I have trouble focusing on what’s your issue given that it’s a solid block of text.

From what I understood, your issue is that you don’t see Nightbot with your streamer account, and you troubleshot it with another account from which you can see it.

My guess is that you’re looking at Top Chat and not Live Chat with your streamer account.

Yes, I had no idea that made a difference but you are correct. What I believe has happened was Nightbot was reported as SPAM and YouTube will not look into it because it is a 3rd party software.

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