Nightbot dosn`t work in twitch!


i add nightbot a modrator and i add a new command but its dosnt work

Hey @uncle_mun!

Have a look at this first:

it`s moderator

i try all but nothing !

i use twitch


Okay, so I think I know what’s wrong, Nightbot might not be able to read Arabic characters, possibly because you write from right to left, sorry about that…

i try in another channel and there is no problem right or left !


and i try EN words it`s same !

Hmm, you’re right, that’s weird, I tried in my chat and I managed to make it work too.

So, I think that’s because these are two words and Nighbtot can’t dissociate them when you add them from the dashboard, but it does when you call the command from the chat, therefore it doesn’t match.

But if I add the commands from the chat it’s working:

Thanks for your help

The problem is in Arabic not like EN, i can`t add from chat

It comes untidy

I tried to be a little smart to add commands from chat and Edit from nightbot site… but i get this

i disable my account and Active it again … but same !

If it’s in two words and you want to make sure the second word is said too for Nightbot to respond the solution is the following:

!addcom word1 $(eval `$(query)`.includes(`word2`)?`response`:` `;)
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thank u very much it nice

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