Nightbot doesn't work

can the developer help to figure out what is the problem? the bot can’t connect to youtube channel 1week already, and i try many ways but nothing happen. UCF3wgh_gSYPC2xNrpQ0VC6A this is the YT channel that i connect to.

Hey @jugger!

I’d recommend you to check this topic:

I saw it before, so I would like to ask whether is the case YouTube is not reporting your chat is live, so Nightbot is not joining it or other problem. if can please help to check, if cant then nevermind

I’ve had this two time today. Here is what I do to fix it.
1 - Login to and click the red button at the top right hand side with the text PART CHANNEL.
2 - Login to your YouTube channel and go to Now REMOVE NightBot and select Save.
3 - Goto your NightBot dashboard again and select JOIN CHANNEL.
4 - Go back to your YouTube channel and add NightBot. Make sure you press the SAVE button when done!

but unfortunately it didn’t work for me…

I found out the it is work in live stream but didn’t work in event streaming anymore??? why?

ok… the event live is ok, the only way to wake up the NB is restart the event live stream… sad…

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