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YouTube <> NightBot no response (for me). Was working fine yesterday!


All of a sudden NightBot does not seem to respond anymore for me (YouTube)
Even a simple custom !hi command does not work!
Same with any of the default commands… No luck :frowning:

NightBot does not seem down (seeing it active on other YouTubers channels). and my account is definitely not an inactive one!

Any suggestions what it could be?

Thank you.

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Nightbot isn't working as it should on YouTube
Не работают Команды (Bot commands do not work)

Same here it seems to have been down from around May 9, 2019 12:10:50 AM UK time.

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I see. Looking at my log files @ 12:45:01 AM that NB send it’s last reply for me.
Strange to see that NB is still working on some YT channels.

Lets hope the dev team will fix the issue soon.


Nightbot is operating normally on YouTube. Ensure it’s joined to your channel, that your stream is live (and public), that it’s a moderator in chat, and that it’s not banned from chat.


Nightbot is joined. Stream is live and public) and it’s a moderator and not banned from the chat.
All checked… 100%… Again it has been working for a long time (streaming from the 28th of March) for me (that is when it NB was not down last week).


You can check logs at to ensure it’s reading chat properly. If it is, then it’s operating normally. Ensure you’re looking at YouTube’s “Live Chat” not “Top Chat.”

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Did that already.
Last logged message is from May 9, 2019 12:45:01 AM
Same for my site (all commands are written into a MySQL DB). Nothing from NB in the DB!


After looking into this, it appears YouTube is not reporting your chat is live, so Nightbot is not joining it. You might try restarting your stream and seeing if that helps. Unfortunately this would be a YouTube bug, if any, and it’s not something we’re really able to fix.

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Okay. Will restart the stream and see if this will fix it.
My “custom” coded bot does reply, so let’s see if a restart will fix it.
Fingers crossed. and bye bye 555 likes :frowning:
I’ll report back.

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Also. Looks now that other channels are also having problems.

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I have checked all the usual causes and everything looks fine, I also part-rejoined to see if that helped, still nothing…

I did also notice that the timed messages were not working earlier in the week too but the ! commands worked fine. Now nothing functions.

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I’ve checked some of the channels that I’m sure they run NB, and many of them do not respond.
However. Some DO…
It’s must be a YT problem I guess :frowning:

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Same here, across 3 channels I run. Hoping it’ll get fixed.

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It’s not working on Social Blade 's live stream, though…

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no entries in log page…

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I just noticed that chat stats does not even cover 9th May, if nightbot was working I would have expected to see the 9th may listed with 0 for all the entries rather than it missing altogether.

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having the same problem here.

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Yes. Just restarted everything here… still no luck.
Problem is that no one seems to know what is wrong.
ie: NB has no problem and YT has no problem :-/

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@The_Real_Samui_Webca @bStyler @Cicco23 @syen
Please let me know if / when it’s working again for you, and how you fixed it.
Strange thing is that I just added NB to a new channel, and that it’s working.
I’ve restarted / invited / joined several times now with the troubled channel, but till now no luck :frowning:

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Still broken here, like you say I’ve tried all the usual tricks/tips to get things working too.