Nightbot commands not working

I’m a mod for several twitch chats and have used the commands !addcom !delcom etc. hundreds if not thousands of times…I have nightbot enabled in my channel and modded, all default commands enabled, etc. but get no response when using the !addcom or other commands in my chat. I’ve asked my friends and they’re not sure what’s wrong with it either. The only way I can add any commands to my chat is by going into my StreamElements user profile on the website and adding commands in there, nothing else works. Any advice?

Hey @chaoscash155!

You mention two bots: Nightbot (you’re in the right place) and StreamElements (you’re in the wrong place). It appears you didn’t set up a Nightbot account, your commands list leads to a 404, meaning you don’t have a Nightbot account. And if I remember correctly, StreamElements doesn’t natively have !add/edit/delcom.

I’m confused at how I don’t have a nightbot account if I’ve signed in to nightbot with my twitch? The commands link that led to a 404 error was a streamelements link (separate issue as you said). I’ve added nightbot as a mod in my twitch and have set commands as well, but can’t get any nightbot response from anything. Screenshot attached to show I’m logged in on nightbot’s site with my account

If you look closely at the link I added to my response that I claim linked to a 404, you’ll notice it’s a Nightbot link, and not a StreamElement one, it’s not a mistake. But I just said “I claim linked to a 404,” because it doesn’t, and that’s on me, I must have had a brain fart when looking up your commands list yesterday, because I messed up your Nightbot link when verifying you had an account, but I didn’t when typing it here.

I can indeed confirm your instance of Nightbot doesn’t respond to commands calls, your issue could be two things then:

  • either Nightbot hasn’t joined your channel, you can check by going to the home page of your dashboard, and on the top right corner there’s a button that’s either blue and says “Join Channel,” or red and says “Part Channel,” it must be red for Nightbot to respond in your channel;

  • or Nightbot lost the connection to your channel, in which case I suggest:

      1. remove Nightbot from your channel by clicking to the red button that says “Part Channel,”
      1. log out of the Nightbot dashboard,
      1. log back into the dashboard,
      1. re-add Nightbot to your channel by clicking on the blue button that says “Join Channel.”
        If that’s not enough to make Nightbot work, repeat step 1 and 4 (ignore step 2 and 3).

Hopefully that’ll work.
The steps come from the Nightbot Troubleshooting guide. I added the log in/out steps because it has shown to resolve a lot of issues in the past.

Nightbot timers have stopped working on my Twitch channel. I am seriously thinking of swapping to Streamlabs.

Removing and readding the bot worked perfectly. Thank you so much for the help!

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