Nightbot commands not working

I’m a mod in a mates of mines stream (Twitch) and nightbot commands arent responding ive told him to unblock it change his name and all the other things it said in trouble shoot and it still isn’t working and i dont know what else to try to help him

Hiya, Nightbot seems to respond fine to !commands command. Make sure the commands you were testing are enabled or have the right user level.

How do i check if they have the right user level?

Hey @haetrs!

The streamer must make sure the !commands command is enabled and that its userlevel is set to Moderator at maximum (Everyone will be just fine too).

Edit: it works just fine, make sure you’re using commands that exist:

for me i have made the commands for everybody and they are still not working and nightbot is unblocked and its getting annoying is there something i can do to fix this?

Hey @VG_Bryson!

Follow the Nightbot Troubleshooting guide, if it doesn’t help, you’ll have to provide us more information, for example your streaming platform.
If you’re streaming on Twitch, you don’t have custom commands, and Nightbot isn’t even in your chat, you need to add it by visiting

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