Nightbot Beta commands aliases

So basically I’m adding a command to display the currentsong that’s playing in the songrequests.
Adding it as

!commands add !cs -a=!songs current

displays the error

Nightbot: The alias you set this command to be of, !songs, does not exist.

Any help? It was working 2h ago and nothing was edited, afaik.
Thanks in advance

I’m having the same problem with a command in channel I mod. Nightbot tells me that both !commands and !editcom are not valid commands.

It seems to have began not working almost at the same time that they fixed custom commands not working. Funny how solving the first created the opposite issue.

Yeah. Apparently aliases are just broken right now. Hope they’re able to fix it soon-ish

This should be fixed now. Sorry about that. We were trying to fix aliases for people who were misusing them, and did not account for default commands. Custom command aliases were unaffected.

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Thanks, can confirm it’s working. Cheers

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