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Nightbot AutoDJ and playlist just vanished


I skipped a song and everything disappeared. I have tried reloading and no changes


whatever seems fixed now.


It seems that, regardless of user actions, the AutoDJ and Playlist tabs fail to fetch the channel playlist from the API server, sometimes with high probability, but at random.

When they fail, the dev console usually contains this traceback:

vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26 TypeError: Cannot read property 'message' of null
    at app-e5cfb458.js:formatted:1065
    at vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26
    at l (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26
    at d.$eval (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at d.$digest (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at d.$apply (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at o (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at m (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)
    at XMLHttpRequest.x (vendor-36d7c2a1.js:26)

Sometimes they do succeed and actually load the playlist, but even if that works, once the AutoDJ switches to the next song, it very often fails to load the new player.

Could this be looked into?