Nightbot AutoDJ re-experiencing 2 year old problem

Lately Nightbot has been experiencing a problem where it will not load my playlist. It will play a few songs, then I need to either restart the app or keep skipping until I get something.

It is similar to the problem from this thread from 2-3 years ago. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this problem as well, and if they have a fix, if it’s an internet problem from the center for the playlists or if I’m alone in dealing with this.

Nightbot can, on rare occasion and after a long time, load my songs in either the AutoDJ or Playlist section, but more often than not it simply refuses to load my songs.

Thank you for any information that can be provided to help solve the issue.

Can your provide the link to the playlist link your attempting to import? This could be also caused by a browser extension that is blocking the upload. Thanks.


I’m not importing a playlist. Rather, Nightbot refuses to load my currently existing playlist. They were all songs I added one-by-one from YouTube. Is there a way I can send you the playlist?

By browser extensions include AdBlock Plus, SoundCloud Downloader and Volume Master.

Do any of these extensions create conflict with NightBot?


I don’t seem to have any issues either loading your playlist or the Auto DJ. You can definitely try disabling those extensions so see if the issue resolves itself. I’m not certain on the effects they could have over the player.

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Hi Aaron.

It seems today my Nightbot is still experiencing issues. It will play a few songs and then just completely stop if it plays any songs or loads the playlist at all.

Do you have steps to reproduce this issue or a video demonstrating the issue? In general, without being able to test the problem out locally, it’s extremely difficult for developers to fix problems. At most they are taking a shot in the dark.


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