Nightbot App stopped working

It is just a blank screen when I start an app, I tried to reinstall it didn’t help.

Hey @sergeevvlad5221!

Have you restarted your computer after having uninstalled it (and before installing it back)?

Mine is doing the same thing

Hey @yagurlbubblez!

I’m glad you found this topic, I was about to redirect you here, because your issue was out of topic on the other post, do you mind if we keep going here?

Allow me to back up your messages from there to here:

I just installed it and I have no issue.
I think the issue could be with the login process, do you mind trying to go on your dashboard, log out and then log back in, and see if the issue persists?

Exactly the same problem here. Tried reinstalling it while also restarting the PC. Even tried running it as admin. Worked like 2 weeks ago just fine.

Same issue here. Was working as of my last stream but something stopped working recently. Nightbot app in particular stopped working, website appears to be fine.

Try installing the newest version of the app at Nightbot App - Nightbot Docs

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The new version works. Thank you

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