Night Bot Won't Show Up

Hi there everyone,

I’m using Night Bot for a while for my YouTube channel but it’s seems to be bot won’t show up. Nightbot does not come to chat. When I open the live stream and enter commands it doesn’t react. Approximately 30-40 minutes later, it comes to the chat section and responds late to commands.

What should I do?

Get @Frpnet_Video!

Have a look there: Nightbot Troubleshooting

Hi there @Emily,

I did try every single stuff on the list, but my problem is still going. Nightbot won’t show up when i live on YouTube. In 30 or 40 min. later show up but come and leave again.

Have you tried making Nightbot leave and adding it again?

I tried everything written but there was no improvement. A few days ago, Nightbot was up and running on its own. I do not know how. But thank you very much for your help.

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