Need Help. Night Bought not responding even though added custom commands


Nightbot is not responding to my youtube live stream live chat.
I have added the custom commands but night bot is not responding to any of those.

I have checked the troubleshooting steps provided in “Nightbot Troubleshooting”, but not able to resolve my issue.

Night bot has joined the channel and can see the live chat messages in logs of night bot. Only issue is night bot is not responding in chat.

Nightbot is already added as moderator. Stream is live in youtube and people are sending messages which exactly match the custom commands but still no response from night bot.

For example:
I have following custom command:
“Hello $(USER)”

and i can see users are sent message as “hello”, but night bot didn’t responded

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Devil007!

If the command is !hello and users are typing hello, Nightbot doesn’t match the two, if you want Nightbot to answer to hello, rename your command to hello instead of !hello.

Also, are you sure you’re looking at the Live Chat and not Top Chat? I know you mentioned looking at the Troubleshooting guide, but you didn’t mention this step in the description of what you’ve done, and seeing how descriptive you are, I’m wondering if you omitted this part because you forgot or because you didn’t pay attention to this important detail in your test.

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