My night bot is not working, no commands are working etc

My night bot is not working

@begottenn Heya, welcome to the community. Double check everything.

  1. Nightbot should be moderator of your stream. Also,
  2. Nightbot is joined on your stream. In Dashboard, top right corner there is a button Join Channel make sure that it is clicked.

I know and it’s all been done but for some strange reason this past stream he is not there so in effect my commands won’t work

@begottenn Kinda weird. Maybe your commands are been deleted by one of your moderators. If not, try rejoining the Nightbot. Part Channel then Join Channel

I try doing that too and then I livestream again and nothing.

@begottenn Go to this link. Hope this will work. [ Nightbot Troubleshooting ]

If not, then I am sorry. I can’t do anything. :(

Thank you so much it worked

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