My custom commands got wiped

Was working fine yesterday, then all custom commands got wiped overnight. Was using it only for Discord though, so I can just move on to a different bot. Still a shame, worked perfectly for a couple of years.

Hey @TBM!

Sorry about that, this shouldn’t have happened, and it’s concerning.

Are you sure you logged into with the account that has all the commands? Each option create a different account, for example if you set up your account with a YouTube account, then logging in with a Twitch account won’t show you your commands.

There has been an outage yesterday, could it have been temporary?

exact same thing happened to me with two different accounts for discord servers, over 100+ commands deleted completely :upside_down_face: hope they come back

Hey @sunfflawer!

Yup, I’ve now been informed that the dev pruned inactive accounts.
For Discord, we recommend using a bot made for the service, which Nightbot isn’t.
Discord-only pruned accounts might be restored, but it’s very unlikely.

oh do you know if by inactive accounts they mean like accounts that aren’t accessed through the dashboard? or just the ones which commands arent being used?

I assume there are no metrics to know which account the commands used are tied to, that would be very expensive, therefore what would make an inactive account is the last login time to the dashboard.

ah sucks, seems like i’ll lose my 100+ commands because i added them through the server and not the dashboard, well rip. Will make a copy next time. Thanks for your answers!

Sorry about that, I know this isn’t fun.

Anybody in specific I could be asking for recovery? Or should i just send a mail to support?

Hey @Necor!

Were you using the bot on Discord or Twitch/YouTube/Trovo?

sorry i just saw this edit, if Nightbot isn’t made for discord, then why is it available there??? makes no sense

Nightbot’s Discord integration is offered to sync Regulars and Moderators from streaming services, the rest is bonus.

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All of my commands have been wiped as well. Nightbot has been totally factory reset, both on Discord and on Twitch.

@Emily We were using it on discord for the past 4 years. So we got a lot of stuff, I’d been managing commands and stuff from discord and the board, but not much to do recent weeks/months so I didint open the board in browser.
I wouldnt even need the entire thing recovered, if I could just have my raw code or whatever, I’d be fine with that and I could work on moving everything to a bot made for discord specifically.

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Yes, that’s perfectly understandable, but unfortunately I don’t have access to that data…
The only thing I can suggest is to try your luck by contacting the dev directly, select Account Issue or Other, then Nightbot, and plead your case. Good luck!

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