MOST of my Timers are NOT automatically posting

Hi. Im a PersonWithDisabilities (PwD’s), Primarily [#InvisibleDisabilities. iBasically LUV your Stuff! i’ve a BUNCH of Timers& CustomCommands. I notice lotso during my many streams, but have not itemized them yet, until now, (since it seemed SEVERAL repeat ALOT, & Many Never Post). RightNow, aft > 30Mins Live Streaming in Streamyard (to 8 Platforms), I received 2 of any & all Timers, out of 18 Enabled Timers (set to post ev 5Mins, & 19 More Enabled Timers set to post between 6 & 12mins. Any suggestions on the Solution? Thanks. Joe,PwD’s

Hey @JoeHart_PwD-s!

What I’m understanding is that you created almost 20 separate timers an you set the interval of each timer to 5, 6 or 12 minutes, have I got that right?

That’s too many timers, Nightbot will only post a few of them to avoid spamming the chat.

There’s a solution though: staggered timers. Here are two topics that should help you:

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