Staggered Timer Messages From Pastebin?

I’m trying to set up staggered timed messages as per this post in which @potatoeaterlove explains the process: Staggered timers

However, my messages are way too long to fit and will require a pastebin. I figured it would be best to just ask how I structure my command to call from a pastebin for this use case, or if anyone knows of another way to achieve the goal here.

You’ll still be restricted by Nightbot on the length of messages you can reply with. All platforms have a maximum response length. You could provide the link to the pastebin instead of the message for example.

So what’s happening here is that each timer message is under the character limit, but the code requires that I put all of them together in one nightbot command entry, and that is what’s too long. It was mentioned in the original post I linked that a pastebin could be used to deal with outputting lengthy messages, I’m just not sure how exactly to manage it.

Hey @FancySkunk!

First you need to create a Pastebin with your messages, like so:


If you need to includes double quotes (") in your messages, you need to escape them (\"):

"Potato said \"if the messages don't fit in the limit for the command tell me and I can tell you how to make a pastebin for it\" and is now giving us work because he didn't give an example back then. :p"

Then you only need to edit the second part of the command, like this:

$(eval p = $(urlfetch json; a = `$(urlfetch$(query))`; M = `$(2)`; M === `One` ? p[0] : M === `Two` ? p[1] : M === `Three` ? p[2] : M === `Four` ? p[3] : M === `Five` ? p[4] : M === `Six` ? p[5] : ` `;)

Don’t forget to replace XXXXXXXX with your paste ID.

Thank you so much!

I think I have everything set up correctly, but we’ll have to see when her next stream happens. I’ll check back in if we have any issues.

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I was able to get it working on my channel in testing, but it’s not working on the channel of the streamer I mod for. I’m assuming that I just need her to generate a set of links for the quote API to use for the command then, correct?

Yes, you need to use fresh set of tokens for this, or you could give her yours, that should work as long as they’re different from the current tokens you’re using for the quote API commands.

To answer the question that you edited out though, the new tokens shouldn’t be generated through the automatic install, that’d erase the current quote commands; so use the manual installation link from the quote API post, or the link Potato gave in his post.

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