"Message history" overrides pressing up/down for editing

Started using BTTV on Firefox and I’ve noticed that pressing up/down switches between history messages, regardless of the current state of the edit box. This makes it impossible to move inside the edit box with up/down.
It would be nice if it worked like in Skype, where it only cycles history if it starts from an empty message and lets you move in the edit otherwise.
That said, I can’t seem to the option to disable this “message history” feature in the options.

The feature mimics nearly every IRC client’s functionality. You cannot edit messages in Twitch chat, so up to edit isn’t possible.

You can turn it off by typing /linehistory off in chat.

I’m talking about editing the line before sending it, if for example you spot a typo.
Regardless, it doesn’t make sense to replace the current line if you’re in the middle of writing a new one.

For now I turned it off, thanks.

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