/Linehistory command no longer working?

Previously I had looked for a way to turn off the ‘go to previous messages by pressing the arrow keys’ as I am not a fan of it and found this thread which gave me the /linehistory command to disable that feature. Recently set up a new computer and when I went to use that command I got ‘Unrecognized command: /linehistory’… Is there some other way that this is accomplished now or is this feature just no longer supported?

It was removed since the feedback from users who wanted to disable it originally was because they could not use arrow keys to navigate the textarea. That is now fixed, so there’s now no reason why it should be disable-able.

While arrow keys for navigating the text area is what is important to me, I don’t think this is quite ‘fixed’. Sure I can move around with up and down but now which is great but it still behaves… interestingly. One too many down arrow presses and you can just up arrow again to get that in progress message back. One too many up arrow presses and suddenly the in progress message is gone to the abyss. If they both behaved the same as an extra down arrow press then I really wouldn’t have any major qualms. As is I have to down arrow after typing a message to ‘save’ it before going back to edit for fear that if I press the up arrow an extra time(from admittedly bad habits of just spamming the key as it previously wasn’t something I had to monitor) that I lose the message entirely.

In addition I don’t really see the benefit of the line history, I understand I am likely in the minority here, but I don’t often encounter times when I need to repeat a previous message for any reason. Is there some other use of the line history that I am overlooking? From my current perspective this is a feature that changes how I have to work with the chat box for the worse while providing no benefit to me which is exactly why turning it off seemed sensible.

You should be able to press down after pressing up accidentally to restore an in-progress message. If that’s not the case you should open an issue on our issue tracker instead of complaining about not being able to turn it off.

Just because you don’t see the value doesn’t mean it doesn’t add value to other users. BetterTTV is about pleasing the masses, not you specifically.

Apologies as I was being overly negative and complain-y but you had just told me the reason I could no longer turn off a feature was that said feature no longer conflicted with the use case for why I would want to turn it off. I countered with, ‘this behavior is still breaking the use case’. So I was expected to know that this behavior was a bug and not working as intended for a feature that I had not used up to this point? Eh, fair enough there was some indication this was a bug and I should have realized.

Hence why the sentence before your quote was asking for WHY this feature might be pleasing to the masses as I posses a different perspective but it would be stupid of me not to try to understand why this feature is great for others.

Regardless you’ve answered my question. Thank you for your time.

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