Manager status disappeared?

Hello, I’m a manager for three twitch channels and went to login tonight to edit some commands from the dashboard and now none of the channels are showing under the drop down selection tab. I asked some of my fellow managers for the channels if they could still access or if it was just my account. They still have access so it seems to be just with my account. Why did this happen and what steps do I need to take to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

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I am having same issue except on YouTube. My Twitch channels show when I log into Twitch, but when I log into YouTube, its not showing any of the channels I manage.

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Hey @demonspock and @sue!

If it can’t be reproduced, then it probably means it’s an issue relating to your account only, or that it can’t be fixed. I’m leaning towards the former, have you tried logging out of and back into the dashboard? Are you sure you’re still their manager?

This is normal, Nightbot has no way to know that your Twitch and YouTube accounts are linked, it creates two separate accounts, one for each platform.

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Hey Emily, thanks for the reply!
I’m still a mod for all of them and I don’t believe any of the streamers have messed around with their nightbot manager settings recently. Ive tried logging out and back in, still didn’t show up. I’ve tried other browsers, still no luck. I’ve even tried different devices and still was only seeing my own account but none of the others.

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Me and my moderator friends had the same Issue. The Streamer needed to readd us on the nightbot for twitch and youtube. No Idea why it seems to kick random mods.
Hope this helps you and @sue

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Just wanted to add a command and deactivate a timer and ran into the same issue.
I’ll just ask him to add me again.
I’m always logged in, and I have the Tab always open, so it was a surprise, that I had to log into Nightbot again and had to confirm things on Twitch again.

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I’m also having the same issue so it’s definitely impacting multiple users. It was working fine last week but when checking today I’m now not a manager for any accounts. I manage multiple bots so I’d rather not pester them all to re-add me again especially if they are streaming. I tweeted at them but not sure if the account is still active.

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I am having the same issue - every one of my Twitch channels are gone…

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I am manager for 7 accounts on YouTube and 2 on Twitch - ALL of my channels have disappeared. They were all there just last Wednesday. There is SOMETHING definitely wrong here. Please fix ASAP as we have a stream in under 2 hours.



Same here - just logged in to my Nightbot and all access to a all of my manages channels has been lost

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Yep, same here! The twitch channel I manage NB for just poof disappeared.

Hey @gummibaer83, @SwiIFTIRoIN, @gtafreak47, @hippiesinlove, @Nancy_Graziano, @Michael_L_Goodwin, and @freshprincessdianna!

This looks like a serious issue now, please be patient while we investigate.
So far we can’t reproduce it, and without reproductible steps it could be difficult to find where the issue is.

In the meantime, can you try the following steps:
• turn off all of your extensions
• go to and log in
• see if the issue is still there

If the issue is fixed, then it’s because of one of your extension:
• turn one extension back on
• reload and see if the issue reappears
• repeat until you find the culprit and report it to us

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thanks for the reply. this did not work for me. I am on firefox and only have two extensions: adblocker and BTTV. I also tried it on chrome as well with same results.

I normally use Chrome (64-bit, up-to-date build) but rather than disabling my plugins, I tried logging in with Edge (I rarely use this - usually only to diagnose issues such as this with websites - and have no extensions installed.)

The issue persists.

I use Firefox for the streamers yt nightbot and opera GX for the twitch nightbot. Both Moderator statuses disappered around the same time in both accounts/browsers. So this is not a browser related issue.

Alright, then can you try the following?

First log out of the dashboard, then:

  • for Twitch users:
    Go to your Twitch connections, disconnect Nightbot, and then log back in the dashboard.

  • for YouTube users:
    Go to your Google account permissions (if you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you’re signed in with the correct one: look at the top right corner; be careful: YouTube channels have their own settings too), remove the access to Nightbot, then log back in the dashboard.

See if that fixed the issue.

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I’ve now been informed that the dev pruned inactive accounts.
Wrongly pruned accounts should be restored shortly.

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I’m having the same issue, I’ve tried all the steps you mentioned above and still not got access to all the channels I had previously. If I’m able to get those back, it would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Since me and my friend already got readded from the streamer, we can’t confirm if it has worked.
Any one else that can check if the manager rights are back again ?

It has been 4 hours since we were told accounts would be restored “shortly” and mine have not yet been restored.

I am not sure what qualifies as “inactive” but two of these accounts were accessed and used LAST WEEK!