!joinqueue and !queue command help please

Hi guys, I am a small streamer and a lot of the games I play are 1v1 and I would like a queuing system so that I can play my viewers. I need help generating 2 linked commands (1 where a viewer can join a queue and the other which shows the queue list so that I can play them in the order they join - the ability to delete a name from the list would be an added bonus). I am not sure whether it is possible to set this command up with nightbot, but any help or a point in the right direction would be much appreciated.

There is a really simple way to do this with the $user and $count commands, but this needs resetting each stream and does not generate a list of names.

I would recommend checking these commands out on this thread and seeing if you can get them to work for how you need

Nightbot doesn’t really have a vast need for those as default commands but many users have made customapis for similar things, such as the one linked.

In addition to @Slikrick’s post I would also recommend checking this thread and changing the functionality to be a queue instead.