CustomAPI to manage queues

Hi there,
I’ve created for the queue customAPIs for those who helps followers, like caring followers in destiny.

You can found the full detail on my website
It’s free of charge no donation no adds what ever, feel free to use it.

I’m also pasting here the full command.
I’ve also added few command using the API from xgerhard : How to retrieve Destiny stats Big Thqnks to xgerhard:

> CustomAPI NightBot For Mod 

> Manage your Channel/List
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !CreateChannel $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user))    Create your channel     !CreateChannel
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !StartTrials $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user))        Open your List to followers, they can now self add to your list     !StartTrials
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !StopTrials $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user))        Stop your list, followers can no more self add, however you will keep the record and followers can see their position on your list     !StopTrials
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !DeleteChannel $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user))     Delete your List     !DeleteChannel

> Manage your list      
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !ListTrials $(user) $(customapi$(channel))                 Will display the first 5 of your list     !ListTrials
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !DeleteList $(user) $(customapi$(channel))             Will empty your list     !DeleteList
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !Next $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&NextNum=$(1))             Will jump to the next one on your list, will delete the previous follower .

> Ex : !Next

> Switch to next folllower on your list and will rebuild your list to adjust positions.

> Ex: !Next 2

> Will remove from your list, 1st and 2nd followers and will jump to the 3rd one and rebuild your list
> !Next NumberOfJump

> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !FullTrialList $(user) $(customapi$(channel))             Will provide you an internet link with your full list.     !FullTrialList
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !AddFollower $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(1)&PSNID=$(2))     you can add follower your self

> Ex : !AddFollower Dark6oul2015 PSNOfFollower

>     !AddFollower TwitchName PSNName

> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !DeleteFollower $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(1))     Will delete follower from your list     !DeleteFollower TwitchName
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !RebuildList $(user) $(customapi$(channel))     Will rebuild your list based and timestamp.     !RebuildList
> Mod     !addcom -ul=mod !MoveFollower $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(1)&Position=$(2))     

> Will move follower to the position that you have provided

> Ex : !MoveFollower Dark6oul2015 6

> This will move the follower to the postion 6 on your list
>     !MoveFollower TwitchName Position
> Commands for Followers
> Follower     !addcom !AddMe $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user)&PSNID=$(1))     Follower will be added to your list with his PSN if he provides it     !AddMe PSNName
> Follower     

> !addcom !DeleteMe $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user))
>     Delete Follower from your list     !DeleteMe
> Follower     !addcom !ListMe $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user))     Will provide to the follower his position on your list     !ListMe
> Destiny Statistics for Trials
> ALL     !addcom !StatTeam $(customapi$(1)&user=$(user)&bot=nightbot&console=ps&channel=$(channel)&defaultconsole=ps)     

> Statistics for a fireteam

> Ex : !StatTeam Dark6oul2015
>     !StatTeam PSNName
> ALL     !addcom !StatPlayer $(customapi$(1)&user=$(user)&bot=nightbot&console=ps&channel=$(channel)&defaultconsole=ps)     Stats for a player     !StatPlayer PSNName
> ALL     !addcom !KDPlayer $(customapi$(1)&user=$(user)&bot=nightbot&console=ps&channel=$(channel)&defaultconsole=ps)     Provide the KD ratio     !KDPlayer PSNName
> ALL     !addcom !LowTeam $(customapi$(1)&user=$(user)&bot=nightbot&console=ps&channel=$(channel)&defaultconsole=ps)     Provides the lowest KD of a team     !LowTeam PSNName
> ALL     !addcom !Xur $(customapi$(1)&user=$(user)&bot=nightbot&console=ps&channel=$(channel)&defaultconsole=ps)     Provides the location of Xur and what he sells     !xur

Hey, would it be possible for you to add a way to allow users to join a queue and add an “item” with them?

I want to use your system for Pokemon WiFi battles with followers, they would do !join [nintendo friendcode] and whenever i’d do !next nightbot would display who is and what their friendcode is

Hi Dylanpiera,
Your request is already possible.
Your followers can do the command !join [Nintendo Friendcode]
Type the following command in your twitchchat

!addcom !Join $(user) $(customapi$(channel)&User=$(user)&PSNID=$(1))

To see the first 5 of your queue with all details

Type the following command in your twitch chat
You will see the next 5, however you will have to remove the from your when you finisehd to cary them.
If you want to keep a list you can also use the command to display the full list and see them.

!addcom -ul=mod !Next $(user) $(customapi$(channel))


yo make a command to change the create channel command so you can have multiple lists. Me and probably plenty of other people are using this for other games.

Is it possible to automatically tag the next player on the list when it is there turn? Also I don’t completely understand the !next command. Why can’t I run it when the list is close?

@dark6oul2015 hi, i wanted to know is there a way i could edit your API, or if you can tell me how to create mine. I like yours and would like to use it for a stream i mod on. Basically, the streamer has always issues knowing who joined first or 3rd etc. Only thing i would like to change in your API is to not ask for PSID but just to collect user name with $(user) and add it to the list. Another thing i was wondering is , he plays 2 games, 1 with 6 total players and 1 with 5, so he needs 4-5 extra players, is there a command to show next 4, or 5 players? I tried !next but didnt work for me right.
Thank you for your help.

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Hi @dark6oul2015 I’m a mod for a streamer and I was wondering if you can help implement a queue system for regular use without using psn or friend nintendo code and all that. Basically a queue system that has the names of people in order like darkang3al, dark6oul2015. The whole chart I saw of you making a queue system with PSN is nice I’m just trying to make it so only just the names of twitch users pop up.

Hi, I have an issue with the commands !deleteme and !Listme where they show this sentence.

Notice: Undefined index: PSNID in /home/vhosts/ on line 12
chargedd you have been deleted from the list&PSNID=null)

Is there anything I’m doing wrong or is it just the command messing up?

Hey @dark6oul2015! is there a way to change the details of the list (like PSN) etc. to Friend Code etc. for nintendo users?


@dark6oul2015 Hello, I’m trying to adapt this to Dota 2 Lobbies (List size of 10 or more), any way to edit it?

thank you. this is exactly what i needed. people always asked me to play fortnite with them and i never knew who was next now i have a way of seeing this physically