Issues with playlist and song loading

I have been using Nightbot for quite some time and have to say, it is quite useful to have. However, for the past few days I have been having trouble with loading playlists / next songs, as in it will stop loading new songs or unload my list after a song or two, and then I have to wait, restart the app, then try again. I believe this is a bug on the server’s end since I get 50+mbps for upload and download, and have never had this issue before recently. More proof of this is that occasionally Nightbot will just stop responding to people using commands in chat and will never get back to them, but then start working again. If there is something I am doing wrong, please let me know, otherwise if this could be fixed that would be awesome!! Thanks.

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This is related to Nightbot AutoDJ and playlist just vanished … Please follow that thread for updates.