Is it possile to create a code that attibutes and stores values to different users?

So, let me be clear of what I have in mind by giving an existing bot as en example.

People who speedrun super metroid can add a twitch bot made by the community to their chat called Funtoon. This bot has a pokémon game available which allows people to catch a random pokémon and then save them to their party permanently, all through text and channel points.

I already have channel point rewards that give people random pokémons and a way to make them catch them, I just don’t a have a clue about how to store it. I would rather keep my game over that as mine is more visually appealing, though the ability to actually keep them seems pretty cool.

I know this might be too far fetched, even moreover due to the fact that I am a complete noob in regards to coding, but I was wondering if this is possible through nightbot.

Hey @fran_cee!

Check [CustomAPI] Pokémon command, this should be what you’re looking for, or close to it at least.
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