I can't get nightbot to see the commands from youtube

I can’t get nightbot to see the commands or for that matter just words to trigger sounds or graphic alerts with youtube but it works fine in twitch. I’m streaming twitch and youtube at the same time.nightbot see all commands from twitch fine but don’t see or act on commands from youtube. is there a plugin to fix this?

Hey @onerazz3!

Have a look at the Nightbot Troubleshooting guide.

Yes i looked it over.it’s mostly about people who can’t get nightbot to see commands in youtube not what problems i’m having. I’m streaming twitch and youtube at the same time using restream but i find it see’s commands in chat with twitch text but doesn’t act on commands put out by youtube text in chat. the text is there nightbot just doesn’t act on it as if it didn’t see it.

Yes, that is highlighting your issue:

  • If you’re on YouTube, you must be looking at “Live Chat” not “Top Chat”

The bot likely answers, you just can’t see it because Restream is likely set to show you “Top Chat” and not “Live Chat.”
Double check by opening your stream on a tab of your browser and make sure you’re looking at “Live Chat,” see if the bot is answering.
And if the bot doesn’t answers because messages aren’t sent when sending them through Restream, your issue is still with them.
Contact their support, we’re not responsible for issues with other’s products.

Also, would have been useful you mentioned your issue was happening when using Restream at first, this is essential to understand your issue.

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