How to make a command that adds requests to a queue?

I was wondering if it was possible to create a command where you could add sugguestions to a queue of some sort. Like the song request command but instead of requesting songs you request other things. I would want to use this so people could request levels for me to play in a game like geometry dash or super mario maker. An example of the command would be !levelrequest XStep
and then there would be a command like !requests in which nightbot would reply something like:
"The current level requests are: XStep"
I hope you understand what I mean, if you need clarification please ask!

It wont give the exact response that you want but you can use the quote api made by ehsankia to do something similar to what you want [CustomAPI] Quote system

People could add their “quote” (level request in this case) and then you could see the ordered list of requested levels with the !quote list (make it !level list or whatever you want)

You can see an example of customizing the command to do what you want in Aaron128l’s post here: Custom Highlight Command?

Alternatively there is a queue customapi listed here: CustomAPI to manage queues

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