How to do a followage command

how can i do a followage command help me pls

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You could try searching the forum where such questions have been asked many times in the past:
!howlong has suddenly stop working!
!followage command is no longer working

Here is one command that will do what you need and you can copy paste into chat:

!commands add !followsince $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=mwdhms)

its not working for me

Is your name on twitch the same as the one on the forum? If so, I just tried your command in your chat and it seems to be working fine:

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im having a problem to .
when i type in " $(touser) Has Been Following Epiclollipop On Twitch Since $(customapi$(touser))" its says not following.

im a mod in a channle and im trying to fix this for him … so i changed the channel to his twitch name

You don’t need to change $(channel), that is a variable that nightbot does automatically.

I believe that api no longer works, If you use the command i posted (and that you quoted, but aren’t using) it should work fine, it does the whole quote and followage for you, so you only need the customapi in the command, nothing else.

Thanks i got it to work now

So I used this as my followage command: !commands add !followage $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=mwdhms) This worked but I wanted to see if it could just be in moths and days rather than this He has been following for longer than at least 2 weeks and i was confused by this

If someone unfollows by accident those changes are still updated in Twitch’s API and resets based on that time.

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is there any way that i can edit the api command to just display the months and days rather than months, days, hours, and seconds

Yes, you can change the date format in the url to months, like this:$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=months


what would the api be for months and days then be? HELP PLEASE

I understand how to do to change it to day or moth i just need the api that has just month and day

Please refrain from posting the same question all over our forums, @zike7

Perhaps @xgerhard can help you with your question, since it is his API.

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Example: X has been following Y for 24 months, 20 days
Add &notext at the end of the url to only show the months/days part.

So I Got this part and it didn’t work am I doing something wrong? @xgerhard

!commands edit !followsince $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=monthday)
No need to change anything, just copy paste :slight_smile:

Ok thanks so much, its wierd being on the other end on telling people to do commands :slight_smile:

i got a new problem with it . it says the same time for all persons doesnt matter if it me that type it or someone else . It starts with 17 H i just followed a channle and it been like 1-2 h and it says 17H

Yeah I see the problem, the one with days, hours, minutes etc. is counting down from the day you follow, not the exact time. I’ll fix that this weekend.