How to create a countdown but not with specified timezone nor date

After a lot of testing i couldn’t make it work myself so i came here and ask for your help. In a game i play, there are world bosses. So i would like to add countdown commands, which will countdown the next spawn of each world boss.

“XYZ” respawns every 8 hours. “XYZ” just died and i type a command on discord which will countdown the next spawn of “XYZ”.
I hope you understood the point and help me as soon as possible.

Tanks in advance

First add the command, you can make it anything.
!commands add !respawn -a=__respawn__ $(query)

Then add a set command. Making sure to replace [SetTimezone] with the timezone of your choice.
!commands add !resetrespawn -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !respawn $(query) [SetTimeZone]

Adding a new command in order to pass the saved time to a countdown
!commands add __respawn__ Time Remaining: $(countdown $(query))

To Set:
!resetrespawn 5:00:00 PM to set to countdown until 5pm

Sadly Nightbot can’t add time to advance it 8 hours forward automatically so that manual time setting would be needed, however you don’t have to enter the Timezone every time.

When i type “!settimer 5:00:00 PM” nothing happens. I set the timezone right aswell.

edit: I got the !timer command working but the coundown time is stuck.

Sorry about that. My last post is updated with the fix, be sure to delete all the commands and copy/paste the new ones (remembering to set a timezone on the !resetrespawn command).

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