How to add *** to blacklist?

So my problem is in that I want Nightbot to take action whenever a user uses a “Twitch Banned” word with the global filters. I attempted this in the Spam Blacklist section on Nightbot. But I can’t find a way to ban *** when that is used. When I attempt to use * as a blacklist the site sees it as a WildCard so it takes action to every message.

How do I make Nightbot take action for people using a banned word?

Hey Aaron,

We offer a basic word filter with out blacklist so to enabled the proper filtering you would have to add a word to it. Unfortunately when Twitch blocks a global banned word it replaces it with ***** so it isn’t the actual user typing it.

Hope that explains it abit better.

Vaughn Whiskey

So would an option to opt out of the global banned words and then put them into Nightbot?
But then people could still see the message it’s self. Kinda not the desired results but I guess it will work for a workaround. :unamused:

If a user is already being prevented from saying a bad word, why does Nightbot need to time them out for it? This doesn’t really make much sense at all.

Ya good point. I’m just over-thinking things can could be easily solved. Thanks for the help.

I’d like to be able to do both. I want to be able to have nightbot time them out if they use either the channel bad words or the twitch ones.

Unfortunately we do not offer that at this time. It’s possible the next Nightbot release will include better word filtering options.

that is a shame. oh well, it works okay as is. Is there a way to run two commands at once, triggered by another command? like you hit in one command and it triggers one that tells the person to watch their language, but also triggers another that silences them for a while? or do I have to do both individually?

You have to make 2 seperate commands. Nightbot has a !purge function built in so you could use that if you feel.

!purge Aaron128l

The command will purge them for one second. You will need to have another to display only english.

Just thinking outside the box here, but could there be a command I could give, which makes a response from nightbot that says something to the user and also starts with a command that runs another command? Something like “!classy (username)” and nightbot responds with “!purge (username) Watch it, (username), or next time I might not just mute you.Keep it classy.” Would that work? Because I know that people making comments after a command doesn’t affect the command function. Would it work to limit the purge command and the other command to moderators? Like I say, just trying to think out of the box and I may be way off.

Your best option is to add custom timeout messages in Nightbot. This will provide that message whenever someone is timed out by those means and that message will run. You can’t however edit the message that the purge command has and there is no way to program commands into nightbot so your just out of options. Hope you helped.

In theory, if a streamer was running more than one modbot, could one command be given that was a different result in each bot? Wouldn’t that theoretically make one command have two simultaneous results? I’m not personally interested in running more than one bot, I’m just putting out a theoretical possibility. Trying to learn is all.

You could. If you really wanted to go down that path.

Shame that’s the only way to do it. I am having enough trouble getting to know this bot without needing to add another one. The only other bot I know of is moobot but I don’t like moobot.

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