HOW random its this?

This shit aint random at all of 1000+ everytime like 5 wins 90% of time and then there is some random winners Fix this shit

Hey @pingvins9!

Fix your attitude, and explain what you’re referring to exactly, and we might do something for you.

1000 people join in prodigyddk giveaways almoust everyday and there is like 20 people that win all the time calld daily winners and sum random ones chanse suld be 1/1000 not 1000/1000 and rest 1 in 1000

NightDev isn’t responsible of how people decide to run their giveaways, streamers can improve the chances of specific userlevels if they want to, they might also filter out who’s eligible manually, the bot just picks a winner at random within the eligibility list.

That means streamers can manually pick who wins in advance by having a very limited eligibility list, or at least significantly reduce the chances of most people.


You’re getting mad at the wrong people here, there’s nothing we can do, Nightbot picks winners randomly as it’s dictated by its code.

NightDev doesn’t have the time to get out of their way to pick favorites in a very specific chat, that’d be a massive waste of time, no one can afford that.

That said, true randomness has always caused issues, it’s an interesting topic to study.

im gonna ask - have you ever played the lottery? the same principles apply here

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HOW? its programm vs human

In which language do we have to tell you? NightDev/Nightbot has nothing to do with your unlucky giveaway streak, so quit wasting our time.

It’s not machine vs human, the program is serving the humans: it does exactly what the humans are asking from it: pick an user at random from a list tailored by the humans.

So if you’re mad you’re not winning anything, there are 3 options: either you’re not entering the giveaway properly (make sure to follow the instructions given by the streamers/mod team), the streamers remove you from the eligibility list, or it’s just the randomness that isn’t favorable to you (you’re just unlucky): out of a 1000 people, you only have 0.1% chance to win, it’s very small, and it’s even lower if they advantage other users and not you.

Introducing a bias in the code is so much more work than making it purely random, that’s why there’s no bias in favor of anyone. Besides, Nightbot is a cloudbot serving thousands — if not millions — of channels, do you really think NightDev has the time to make it so only a selected few win in a specific channel? If you answer yes to that question you might as well believe Santa is real.

I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but I’m giving you the truth, and I know it’s a trend to challenge the truth, but it’s not something I’ll allow/tolerate.

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