Fortnite Battle Royale stats in your chat


!commands add !solo -cd=5 -ul=everyone $(urlfetch USERNAME PLATFORM&noranks)

Just replace the username and platform with yours the &noranks at the end will hide the part top x% part.


Thank you so much!

I’m not gonna lie, I thought thats what I had :confused: hahah but I deleted my old one and copy pasted yours, made edits and works a treat! Your the best :heart:


I just checked my duo before I deleted it, its the same but the generator made it as “%20USERNAME%20%20PLATFORM” and adding it to the end of that didn’t work. (that’s only thing I can think of anyway)

Now I know in future haha :slight_smile:


Hey! This is awesome work and what I’ve been looking for!
I have a question though. Is it possible to just get !wins from only the current session being played?

Thank you!!


Heya! I dont have an automatic way to detect the current gaming session, however you could set this up with the tracker profiles:
You can select an automatic reset daily/weekly/monthly, but you can also turn off the automatic reset and just reset your stats with a reset command after your gaming session (select ‘Reset stats when’ - ‘Never’).
Let me know if you need help setting it up.


Thanks!! Could you help set it up? ^^’’ sorry kind of a noob with programming.


@Shabangin In case you missed it, I DMed you, since the command contains personal tokens.


Hello, Is it possible to also exclude the “jonaman5678’s Wins:” from the command response “jonaman5678’s Wins: 24 [Solo]”? So that only 24[Solo] is left when i type this command
“!command add !solo ${customapi.$(queryencode)&channel=$(queryencode ${channel}) PLATFORM&noranks}”


End the url with &notext, that’s the shortest reponse, it will remove the username, but will still have the Wins: part.


Thankyou very much!
But is there an option to make it so like i can have a command that looks like this “Wins: 24 solo, 56 duo , 100 squad”?


Not yet, for now you can request them individually, but I’ll add an option to get all playlists at once soon.


Allright thanks alot for helping me out!


Not sure if you did this already, but I’m trying to use this command and only display the wins from this specific season. Does that just pull from overall or just season? Also, I can’t seem to get it to work but everything else has been working.

!commands add !solo -cd=5 -ul=everyone $(urlfetch USERNAME PLATFORM&noranks)


Heya, solowins gives you total wins, all seasons. Start the command with a c to get the current season stats, so in this case: csolowins.


Is this available for mixer through obs or chatbot?


If there is a mixer chatbot that allows for Custom APIs then this should work just fine.


I’m trying to combine my PS4 account stats with my PC account stats, is this possible? Even if it only includes my win count.


Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.


Thanks for suggestion!!!