Fortnite Battle Royale stats in your chat


!commands add !solo -cd=5 -ul=everyone $(urlfetch USERNAME PLATFORM&noranks)

Just replace the username and platform with yours the &noranks at the end will hide the part top x% part.


Thank you so much!

I’m not gonna lie, I thought thats what I had :confused: hahah but I deleted my old one and copy pasted yours, made edits and works a treat! Your the best :heart:


I just checked my duo before I deleted it, its the same but the generator made it as “%20USERNAME%20%20PLATFORM” and adding it to the end of that didn’t work. (that’s only thing I can think of anyway)

Now I know in future haha :slight_smile:


Hey! This is awesome work and what I’ve been looking for!
I have a question though. Is it possible to just get !wins from only the current session being played?

Thank you!!


Heya! I dont have an automatic way to detect the current gaming session, however you could set this up with the tracker profiles:
You can select an automatic reset daily/weekly/monthly, but you can also turn off the automatic reset and just reset your stats with a reset command after your gaming session (select ‘Reset stats when’ - ‘Never’).
Let me know if you need help setting it up.


Thanks!! Could you help set it up? ^^’’ sorry kind of a noob with programming.


@Shabangin In case you missed it, I DMed you, since the command contains personal tokens.