Fortnite Battle Royale stats in your chat

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!fortnite action username platform

!fortnite kd xgerhard pc
xgerhard: xgerhard’s K/d: 0.95 (Top 63%) [Solo].

!fortnite time xgerhard pc
xgerhard: xgerhard’s Time Played: 1 hours and 53 minutes (1.88 hours) (Top 81%) [Solo].

!fortnite stats xgerhard pc
xgerhard: xgerhard’s stats summary: [Wins: 0, Matches: 20, K/d: 0.95, Kills: 19, Kills Per Match: 0.95] [Solo].

!fortnite duo xgerhard pc
xgerhard: xgerhard’s stats summary: [Wins: 3, Matches: 53, K/d: 2.14, Kills: 107, Kills Per Match: 2.02] [Duo].

Available regions: pc, gamepad (Default = PC)

Available playlists: Solo, Duo, Trio, Squad, Lifetime (Default = Solo. Lifetime = All playlists combined)

Get playlist stats by adding the playlist name before the action, for example:
!fortnite duokd xgerhard pc (K/D ration in duo playlist)
!fortnite squadwins xgerhard pc (Wins in the squad playlist)
!fortnite duotime xgerhard pc (Time played in duo playlist)
!fortnite lifetimewins xgerhard pc (Total wins in all playlist combined)

Use the setplayer command to link your Fortnite account, for example:
!fortnite setplayer xgerhard pc
Now when I use !fortnite kd it will take my stats without entering the username.


  • setplayer (Link your Fortnite username to your chat account)
  • help (Link to this page)

Summary (Summary includes: score, kd, kills, matches, wins, kpg)

  • stats (Summary of current playlist)
  • solo (Summary of solo playlist)
  • duo (Summary of duo playlist)
  • trio (Summary of trio playlist)
  • squad (Summary of squad playlist)


  • score (Fortnite score)
  • kd (K/d ratio)
  • kills (Total kills)
  • wins (Total wins)
  • matches (Matches played)
  • kpm (Kills per minute)
  • kpg (Kills per game)
  • top3 (Top 3 finishes)
  • top5 (Top 5 finishes)
  • top6 (Top 6 finishes)
  • top10 (Top 10 finishes)
  • top12 (Top 12 finishes)
  • top25 (Top 25 finishes)

For the full list check here: XG !Fortnite command

Installation is simple
Copy - Paste the following code in your chat:
!commands add -cd=5 -ul=everyone !fortnite $(urlfetch$(querystring))

Optional parameters:

  • default_platform - Set a default paltform for your users (pc, gamepad), when no platform is specified this platform will be used.

For example &default_platform=gamepad, when a user types !fortnite solo xgerhard the command will now check the solo gamepad stats.
You can still force the command to check a different platform, by typing for example !fortnite solo xgerhard pc to check the solo pcstats.

  • default_playlist - Set a default playlist for your users (solo, duo, trio, squad), when no playlist is specified this playlist will be used.

For example &default_playlist=squad, when a user types !fortnite stats xgerhard the command will now check the squad stats.
You can still force the command to check a different playlist, by typing for example !fortnite duostats xgerhard to check the duo playlist stats.

Need help? Post here, or contact @gerhardoh on twitter.


How do i make it so that each person in chat doesn’t have to set the player ?

Heya! Nobody has to use the ‘setplayer’ command. It’s just an feature to remember your username.
For example the following command will work just fine without setplayer.
!fortnite duokd xgerhard pc

But if you don’t want to type your username everytime you use the command you can use setplayer to remember your username.
!fortnite setplayer xgerhard pc
From now on you can just use:
!fortnite duokd
And it will now take the stats of xgerhard pc.

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what would the command sequence look like if i just wanted a command that said !fortnitestats and it would just bring up the stats for one person. (the streamer)

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Hello, first you would need to choose which playlist you want to show, or have just 3 commands for each, for example:

!commands add !solostats $(urlfetch xgerhard pc)

!commands add !duostats $(urlfetch username platform)

!commands add !squadstats $(urlfetch username platform)

Just replace the username and platform with the player you want.

An other option would be to make one command, with the playlist as parameter:
!commands add !fortnitestats $(urlfetch$(querystring) xgerhard pc)

Again replace the username and platform, the usage will be !fortnitestats and the playlist you want the stats from:
!fortnitestats solo
!fortnitestats duo
!fortnitestats squad


how is possible make this?Screenshot_2 every win he does on fortnite, the bot update the command automatically


You sure that’s updated automatic, the streamer must be using a different custom API then. I’m working on some daily tracking commands, but that’s not live yet. I’ll post it here whenever its ready.

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ye sorry i check better and is a simply command updated everytime by the mods… really sorry

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Is it possible to only get stats from the current season?

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Yes, add a C in front of the command for current season stats. For example !fortnite csolo xgerhard

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How mush would i have to pay for you to make it so i cam just copy and paste everything

i have nodiea how to do this stuff

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Heya there is a copy paste line in The start post, or use the command generator here:

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Would it be possible to make an option to just lists all 3. So for example: !Fortnite [Name] would / could just say the solo, duo, and squad stats in chat. That’s what people in my chat would want anyways.

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Thanks for the suggestion, added to my to-do list!

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No problemo. Shoot me a reply if you make it. Trust me, I like to look at my overall stats and not a specific gamemode. Just atm, the command in general is just nice to have so keep it up.

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Ah yeah, I need to update my info there is a way to get overall stats use overall or lifetime
!fortnite lifetime will give you a summary for your overall stats, but you can also use for example
!fortnite lifetimewins to get your total wins.

However, I do want to add a way to get the summary of all the playlists separately in one command, I figured that’s what you meant right?

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Good job making this command. Would it be possible to make an overall stats from current season? With the various stats that are used in overall. I tried to use coverall, but it seems to get the exact same information as overall.

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I’ve been meaning to do that, but now finally added it, you can use !fortnite season username platform.
This will return a summary for the current season.

!fortnite coverall / clifetime should also work, but thought season might be a bit more user friendly!

You can also get single stat values by using for example:
!fortnite seasonkd

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Thanks, you took care of it so fast that I thought I had made a mistake when I tried it a couple of minutes ago. I was actually on my way to apologize for making a comment on it when I saw you had replied.

It is nice to have the c alternative aswell, It goes faster and takes less space. Its true that season is more friendly, but when people use this command they have to be taught how to use it anyway, it would be the same if they are taught to use c or season

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Hi, could someone please assist with this. I am trying to get it so !solo ONLY shows wins like !wins does.
!fortnite solowins does have less info but still to much.

The website linked says “noranks - Add &noranks add the end of the url to stop the command from displaying ranks. For example K/D commands will show K/d: 2.17 [Solo] instead of K/d: 2.17 (Top 10%, #351,886) [Solo].” however it doesn’t appear to be working for me, I put it to early and it can’t find player, I put it to late and it acts like it isnt there.

I’m probs being dumb and putting it wrong or in wrong place but I don’t see what I’m doing wrong, assistance would be very much apprechiated :smile: