!followage command not working 09/2023

I am an mod for a streamer and it seems that the !followage command i set up previously stopped working.
After some research i found out the reason was bec Twitch changed their API’s or something.
I’d like some clarification and a solution

command i use: $(urlfetch https://api.2g.be/twitch/followage/$(querystring $(channel))/$(querystring $(touser))?format=ymwdhis)


I am having the same issue and the error I get says it is a Twitch error with the same command. I tried changing it in a couple of ways and nothing worked.

Anyone able to help out?

Hiya, yes that’s my API, indeed there were some changes with the Twitch API. Which now requires you to log in either as the streamer or a moderator to be able to view that that info. I will need to update my API to support this change, but not sure when… life is busy atm.


I am having the same issue, I do not know what to do and the streamer I am helping is at wits end. Is anyone able to help?

There is nothing you can do at the moment. Unless you find an alternative API.

you can prefer the followage command with the streamelements bot which works fine

will there be a work around for everyone to view or just for streamers and mods of the channel to view?

Following for a potential fix

When I look at nightbot’s twitch entry, there is no followage entry.
If nightbot does not add this item due to permission issues, I don’t think there is any other way.
streamelements bot and cooingbot also support followage.

replying to keep open. same issue

Yeah im having the same problem aswell any new api’s found?

I found that a streamer I watched the followage command was broken so I decided to make one that works. The streamer has to login as it seems its no longer a public api on twitch to get followers.

Anyways the site is: https://commands.garretcharp.com

You need to login and then you can add the command:

$(urlfetch https://commands.garretcharp.com/twitch/followage/$(channel)/$(touser))

Format (any values that are 0 would be omitted):

@viewer has been following @streamer for x years, x months, x days, x hours, x minutes, x seconds

This is great! Thank you for your work!

Thanks for providing a new api! :slight_smile:


it only works if you are a mod?

It should work fine for everyone. Are you seeing something different?

The streamer does need to login first so if they do not login it will not work.

Can you update this to work for mods too? Not just the owner to set up

not up to them… is up to twitch… they r the ones that made it so u have to log in

The Twitch API supports showing the followers list to moderators. If I mod a channel, and sign into this app with Twitch, it has access to that channels follower list. Reference | Twitch Developers

If you go to the site and login it should give an option to add a command that will use a moderator login token instead of the streamer.

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