!followage command not working 09/2023

Looks great, thanks!

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Thank you so much, my chat was so sad when the API changed, now happy once more

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Is it possible to format the date/time so that it only displays year,month,day or month & day like xgerhard’s command was able to?

do you have to keep it tabbed after you log in and add the command?

Looks like if you close the tab, the command is not working anymore “Error Connecting To Remote Server”

That usually happens when the api goes down, Seems to be back up because both commands are still working without the tab being open including on different devices.

You do not need to keep the tab open.

I have seen this error pop up once when I used it but no clue why it happened as I don’t have any issues with my service. I’m leaning towards it being an issue on nightbots end. Normally a retry of the command will work though.

I can look into doing this

EDIT because it wont let me send a new message here:

Just updated so you can add a specific format if you want. The default format is ymdhis: x years, x months, x days, x hours, x minutes, x seconds.

You can do pretty much any format you want assuming the values appear in the correct order so for your request of year, month, day or month, day:

?format=ymd : x years, x months, x days.
?format=md : x months, x days.

As the full command:

!commands add !followage $(urlfetch https://commands.garretcharp.com/twitch/followage/$(channel)/$(touser)?format=ymd)

!commands add !followage $(urlfetch https://commands.garretcharp.com/twitch/followage/$(channel)/$(touser)?format=md)


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Hi, thank you for your amazing work!! I have a question. Is there any way to make the API get the latest follower’s name? To use it in something like that !thanks Thanks for the follow {latest follower}

I can look into adding this.

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