[Feature Request] CountUp: A Command To Count Days Past

Hey Guys,

I am posting as a user here and I know we currently have a Countdown command but I was wondering if there is one to count up.
For example, I am still growing my beard out for charity and it has been 125 days. I wanted to do a command that if entered it would return something like “Vaughn Has Been Growing His Beard For 125 Days” The variable would produce the day count.

Is there anyway there can be a variable to do this?

I know you all have alot of work elsewhere and a real life but this would be a good addition to the commands.


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Because you asked so nicely ;). Not official or anything, but…

!addcom !fromdate days since 2014-07-20: $(customapi http://teaksoftware.com/hosted/php/days_from_date.php?date=2014-07-20)

Just change the date at the end of the url to whatever you want. (year-month-day)

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wow man! This is perfect!


Thank you so much!

Dat img is broken :frowning:

sooo picky

thanks again

This is exactly what I came to the forums looking for! Thank you!

Anyone interested in this may also be interested in my site: newtimenow.com

Eventually this service will also be moved.

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