CountUp Command

I saw the following post, [Feature Request] CountUp: A Command To Count Days Past, and thought it would answer my questions… And it did in the form of a custom API. Unfortunately, that API has been taken down or something, because now it only returns a 404 error. “Remote Server Returned Code 404” to be exact. Is there another way to do this, or a new API, or something?

I’m currently using a countdown set to the date in the past, but all of the numbers are negative (makes sense) and I can’t find anything as to what code to use to math it either into a new forward date for the countdown or a simple subtract-from-0 to make it positive.

Edit: I was thinking, perhaps a small modification to the Countdown variable and/or command to return the output as an absolute value? That way people can use it to count in either direction.

Currently I do not know of another API that is accessible through nightbot. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone happened to make one.

That old api link used to work until @teak changed up his site. I still don’t believe it has been transferred as of now.

However it would be pretty simple to create a simple absolute value page with php in order to create an api in which case your idea could still work if needed.

Hope this helps.

I moved it for you.

Whoohoo! Thank you very much!
@Aaron128I Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to work with PHP nor how to make an API. My programming background is with Java, C#, and Python, and I’m currently learning C++. I plan on learning PHP shortly after, though. :smiley: