Extend song length to any desired duration

I know this topic has been discussed here and I simply disagree with the argument.
A lot of streamers are only putting their songs, their playlist, with sometimes mixes that are hours long, without necessarily enabling the song request functionnality. There is even an option to disable the song request feature, so that’s not a reflexion out of this world apparently.
But, similarily, a lot of streamers are frequently asked which song they are listening and on this matter AutoDJ coupled with Nightbot is the best way to give an immediate answer with the full title and the link to the song.

I’ll reiterate the question asked in the aforementioned topic, is it possible to add an option to bypass/extend/modify the song length limit ?

Thanks in advance for any answer

Hey @Kenshin9977!

There no option to extend the song length limit, no. And I doubt this will be added anytime soon.
As stated in the post you linked, if you want to play longer songs, use a different service than Nightbot’s AutoDJ and song requests, as it’s not designed for this use. The point of song requests is for the viewers to participate in the stream, with songs over 10min this goes against this principle: they’re no longer able to take part in the stream.
However, if you want viewers to be able to know which songs you are playing without opening the song requests, as it seems to be something that matters to you more than the 10min limit, you can use Spotify and the $(lastfm) variable.

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