Change Songlength limit in Autodj

Is there a way to change the songlengthlimit or have admin and mods add only longer songs ?
Right now it’s on 10 minutes for everyone

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No there isn’t a current way to request longer videos. Most music videos shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes by themselves. You can allow moderators and up to be exempt from the request limit, to request more often, if that would help.

Nice how can i do that ?

Go to AutoDJ and click the Settings button and click the Limits tag to expand the limits settings.

Thank you Aaron but I can only find Quelength there not the songlengthlimit so far

Setting this to Moderator will allow Moderators to ignore the User Limit you set. Note that they cannot go past the Queue Length, just the User Limit.

Yeah i understood that but that isn’t affecting the songlengthlimit of 10 minutes even i as admin cant add songs that are longer then 10 minutes

I was simply offering a work-around solution, there is no way to request videos longer than 10 minutes.

Yeah i understand but even when i put it on admin its not letting me get past the limit so there is nothing that can be done about it i guess right now ?

Thanks for the quick replies Aaron :slightly_smiling:

If you’re requesting something greater than 10 minutes then it’s not a song any longer and you should consider using another media player for that content.

There are great mixxes tho that can’t be played then : /

Unfortunately the point of the song requests system is to let your viewers request songs. If your intention is to request your own mixes, then why use our song request system?

Ok i understand where you are coming from but Why don’t let people decide if they want more then 10 minutes : ) u could have 10 as default and if you want to change it just go to the options and make it so only you and mods can add songs aboth the limit ?

btw there are songs that are longer then 10 minutes for example

10 minutes is just too long for any song to be played on song request and it essentially turns off users from requesting their own songs.

Yeah i understand that but shouldn’t the operator of the room be able to decide what he wants ?
And only because we are not in the classical era it means we cant play classical songs … isn’t that a bit closeminded and say i was a producer and i make a song longer then 10 minutes i couldn’t play it what about creative freedom ?

If it takes 30 minutes to go through 2 requests it isn’t creative freedom. It’s people waiting if you wish to have classical songs in your stream there is no need for song request. Just run a playlist with classical music.

What harm does it do to you if you add it as an “option” ?
And what about people that don’t want to play only the same genre all the time …

Another example

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