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Hi. When i go live, someone put a command in chat (!instagram) and i can’t see Nightbot’s messages.
I disable Nightbot from my account and i can’t see his messages.
How can i see his message?

Hey @Shadow!

Have a look at this guide:

Screenshot 2021-12-18 191837
First screenshot it’s from incognito mode. You can see that i can see Nightbot messages.
Screenshot 2021-12-18 191904
Second screenshot it’s from my account. you can that i can’t see Nightbot messages.
Screenshot 2021-12-18 192302
In the 3rd screenshot you can see that i have no one in blocked list.
What can i do to see Nightbot messages?

All this are from a live.

I see, that’s odd. :thinking:
Is the second screenshot in an app, like your broadcasting software or an app to monitor your chat for example, or directly in YouTube?

This is from YouTube website, chrome.
It is from a YouTuber that i watch his live.

Thanks for helping me.
Merry Christmas

You may have blocked Nightbot by mistake and it doesn’t show up in your blocked users list, please see this topic on Google support.

Thanks Emily, Thanks! You solved my problem.
After 1 year someone solved my problem.
Happy new year!

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