Delaying the second multi-message for a set amount of time

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to solve a problem in the growing “coworking” stream genre. If you’re not familiar, coworking streams a subgenre within Just Chatting that has a streamer use a timer for work / break intervals. During work, low-fi is usually playing and people are productive. During breaks, streamer engages with users and users with each other.

Some streamers have been asking for a chat command that will allow users to create their own timer. This is useful if a streamer’s 25/5 chunks don’t make sense for that viewer. Ideal function:

viewer: !timer5
bot: Hi [viewer], we have started your timer! Stay productive, we’ll let you know when the time has passed.
bot: [viewer], nice job! You’ve stayed productive for 5 minutes.

I’ve found two threads that touch on this problem:

Consensus is “not possible”

Possible, but delay is not functioning properly. Would have to create 60 separate commands (timer will be up to 60 minutes).

Is there an existing solution out there for this problem? I’ve reached out to the author to the bot of the multiple message function to see if we can create a consistent delay.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hey @Jakealake!

Here’s another topic related to your situation:

As you will see, I came up with a solution, even for users to keep track with their own timers, as you can’t @them once the timer is over, Nightbot doesn’t have the information on who was the user who triggered the command anymore at that point, but most importantly, you’ll see the issue we’ve encountered, which was that the URL headers the API uses to send more messages through Nightbot without authorization don’t last more than 5 minutes, so a timer that goes beyond the life expectancy of the URL isn’t possible.

Hopefully this answers all your questions, and I’m sorry there’s no better solution.

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