Nightbot individual chatter timers

Hi guys im new to streaming and im trying to add a command that every user can user. the command in searching for is a command that you can set up time in minutes and after the tome the bot is telling yo it stopped.
for example:
!pomo 25 - @user set up timer for 25 minutes
afterr 25 minutes the bot sending:
@user your timer just ended

Hey @ogjing!

There’s no way to set up a timer that’ll remember the $(user), however, here’s a workaround with IDs:

!addcom !pomo -a=_pomo $(eval isNaN(`$(1)`)?i=5000:i=$(1)*60000;i)
!addcom _pomo $(urlfetch$(eval `${$(query)/60000} minutes timer starting... - Timer ID: $(count)`)/$(eval `Timer ${$(count)-1} ended.`)?i=$(query)&d=1)

Call the command with the number of minutes you want the timer to be, example for 5 minutes:

!pomo 5

Hi @Emily
First, thanks a lot you really helped me/
second i tried to set the comment to 45 and 25 minutes counts but it didnt work/ its working only on 4 minutes/ do u know how to fix it?

It should work for 45 and 25 minutes, but yeah, it’s not guaranteed it’ll work every time, if the server goes down for example, it will stop working.

I noticed a similar issue when I launched two timers really close one to the other, maybe that’s what you did as well? In which case, I would recommend to give it at least 15 to 30 seconds between two timer launches. I’m not really sure if and why it’d help, but it worked properly when I did so.

You can add a cooldown of 30 seconds—mods+ bypass it—in the dashboard or like this:

!editcom !pomo -cd=30

This is the message i got from the bot:
It will take 25 minutes to deliver all your messages. Reduce the interval in milliseconds (parameter i) so that it takes less than 4 minutes and 50 seconds

Oh well, I guess there’s a limitation that wasn’t here before, or I simply never got to reach it before…
I tested with another multiple messages API and got the same issue, so I guess it’s limitation of Nightbot so there’s nothing we can do, I’m sorry.

A $(urlfetch) sends a response URL header that lets an API post to chat without prior authorization. The URL dies after 5 minutes, so this multiple messages API along with the other one (likely mine) is built around this.

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Oh, makes sense! Thank you for the explanation!

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