Deeper Timers Explanation

Hi all,
I know timers have been asked about a few times and I’ve read the previous posts but just wondered if a deeper explanation could be offered on the logic.
I understand the timers work on a *nix crontab style schedule and execute at x mins and 00 mins and the minimum chat lines are done on a 5 minute interval BUT my questions are:

  1. What prevents my 10 timers from all posting at 00 (on the hour)? Is there a minute increment added per timer start? I did log my chat the other day with timestamps and some appeared to be offset.
    Is there a limit on how many get sent on the hour? e.g. 3/10 on :00 and then the next 3/10 on :01

  2. I had a 10 minute timer setup and it did print at every 10 mins except on the hour, which makes me think there is a 1 min increment timer per added timer:
    2021-05-24 22:41:07
    2021-05-24 22:51:06
    2021-05-24 23:08:06
    2021-05-24 23:10:10

  3. The minimum chat line check, is that done like so?
    ex. 15 minute timer - 4 line limit: Broken into 3x blocks of 5mins and you require 4 lines in each of the 3x5 min blocks? Or is it checked from minute 9-14 of the 15 min timer?

thanks in advance.

Hey @Simon_Thompson!

As I recently replied to a similar post with similar questions, 10 timers is too many, try regrouping them in less.
Nightbot won’t send too many messages at the same time as Twitch’s API has rate limits, and if Nightbot reaches them, it’ll be timed out of your chat for 30min. Besides, if it sent 10 timers at once it would be really spammy, and most of the time that kills a chat.
Here’s the link to my reply from 3 days ago…

Now regarding your third question: when the timer reaches the time it’s supposed to be sent, it just checks if within the 5 previous minutes there has been enough messages sent.

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