!deathreset doesn't work


I tried to do the death counter as in the post, but it doesn’t set it to 0 with the !deathreset command.

Here is a screenshot of it. Not surprisingly my text is in German, and instead of death on lost.

Hey @timonopolis!

Do you get an error message, or not?

Also, please note that while the counter is reset with !deathreset, it doesn’t edit the content of !deaths, the way to test if the commands work properly is by calling !adddeath a couple times, then !deathreset followed by !adddeath once, and then the output of !deaths should be 1 death.

If you wish to reset the content of !deaths at the same time of !deathreset you need to create another command to call along !deathreset, like this one for example:

!addcom !zerodeath -ul=mod -a=!editcom !deaths ZERO DEATHS!!!

No, I don’t get an error message. I’ve found that I often have to do !deathadd, downright spamming, in order to be able to reset it with !deathreset.
With your command can I then set it directly to 0?

Yes, just replace “ZERO DEATHS!!!” with text that matches your liking.

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