Darken Twitch dont work

Darken Twitch doesnt work for me. Only on chat and settings side the middle part is bright as a regular webpage worked fine 8 hours ago or so dont know what to do ?
Reinstalled Chrome and betterttv but still the same problem

Hey Makisar,

I can’t recreate the issue but I know for the most part if something is not right with BTTV or Twitch itself, I clear my cache and cookies.

Give that a shot and let us know.

Vaughn Whiskey

Cleared it all still the same issue … the left side with the options and stuff are darkened and the chat I can go into darken mode but where the video part is is still white as a usual browser.

Wanted to upload a pic but since I am new I cant do that I can mail u the pic if u send me an email or something

Now that I think of it I dont get any options up no option button or smileys button either and Like i said reinstalled betterttv and chrome and cleared my cashe and cookies

have the same issue, the only BTTV option that still is showing is the Darken Mode other than that nothing else is showing. The normal button it top left corner isn’t present. Re-installing didn’t help, disabling/enabling extensions and restarting Chrome didn’t work.
Will try re-installing Chrome later next day.

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Please refer to BetterTTV Debugging if you are having issues loading BetterTTV.

The issue i was having is either fixed, fixed on its own ( didn’t uninstall anything ) or got patched. everything is now working again, might have been my antivirus/firewall BSing me or something.

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