[CustomAPI] Faceit elo, daily gain / loss and current match est. gain / loss


I have published a few commands for a close friend based on a discord bot I wrote. One of these commands is related to faceit users elo and most importantly recent elo gains / losses. If anyone should be interested in this command you are most welcome to use it. I recently added a check for the current games estimated win / loss.

Simple usage:
$(urlfetch https://wombot.fi/nightbot/elo/USERNAME)

Example response:
Elo: 2857, Today: +17, Current est. Win: +19 Loss: -31

Advanced usage (For different languages etc.):
$(eval const obj = $(urlfetch json https://wombot.fi/nightbot/elo/USERNAME?format=json); if (obj.message) {obj.message;} else { `Elo: ${obj.elo}, Today: ${obj.eloDiff}` })

The following parameters are exposed in the JSON object.

 "elo": Current elo points,
 "level": Current player level,
 "recentElo": Recent elo (resets at 05:00 UTC),
 "eloDiff": Recent elo difference (resets at 05:00 UTC),
 "estWin": Estimated win if currently in match else null,
 "estLoss": Estimated loss if currently in match else null

Should any questions arise you can contact me on Discord Sunquist#1337


Added estimated win / loss of a current game to the API after a request.

I advise formatting the code & json in Markdown. They have curly quotes that mess things up when copied.

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Not too familiar with forum posts, thanks for the feedback! I wrapped the code parts.

Copied the advanced usage get error message of unexpected identifer.

This bulbabot site seems to be down any idea why?


We have recently moved to https://wombot.fi/ the old endpoint should still work though and returned as expected for me. I updated the post with the new endpoints. JSON object also exposes the current level now.


Hi, is there any chance i maybe could get help to make an index.html file where i can show the faceit stats as a browser source instead of showing it as a command? :slight_smile:

Ofcourse! We have an API that exposes the same parameters that you could use. Hit me up on Discord Sunquist#1337.

If you want a simple browser overlay we created one aswell: https://wombot.fi/streamlabs/elo/NICKNAME

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Yeah that is what I’m looking for, but also with est. Win and lose just right under. Is that that something you have or could you maybe show me how it’s done?

The estimated Win Loose will appear once you are in a match :slight_smile: Width: 1330 Height: 230 are the specs when it is fully expanded with the estimated win / loss. It will update once every 60 seconds.

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Love it! Great job :slight_smile:

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i cant use

in StreamElements, how can I make it work in StreamElements?

(my nightbot have a problem, doesnt reply)

@hasanakhiar Please create a new topic to get your Nightbot working again. This isn’t a support forum for other bots.

Have a look at: Nightbot Troubleshooting