Custom commands not working

I’ve been using NightBot to send custom commands for a couple of weeks ago, however the other day, it just stopped working. I have double checked my commands, they seem to be working. The default !commands, and others work fine, however my custom ones don’t. Anyone able to address this?

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Hi @dabria_games,
Could you please go through the troubleshooting steps to see if that resolves the issue :slight_smile:

I have gone through the troubleshooting and it still isn’t working.

Are the default commands enabled and set to the correct user level?

Yeah I believe so. They all show they’re enabled, and most are set to everyone, except for a few are set to owner

Hey @dabria_games!

Can you go to the dashboard and make sure the button in the top right corner is red and says “Part Channel?” If it’s blue and it says “Join Channel,” click on it.
I suspect that’s the issue given I don’t see Nightbot in your chat at the moment.

It’s showing me that it’s connected… It used to have stats here and names on the right but not anymore

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As make your own command*

I’m not sure what you mean but here is my list of custom commands. They were working and then one day just stopped

Ok I’m not sure what happened but the bot just worked again today!


Glad to hear it’s working again!

Since the bot was properly added, it might have been an authentication issue, which would have fixed itself when you visited the dashboard today; usually this can be fixed by logging out of the dashboard and logging back in, but sometimes you need to give it an extra nudge by disconnecting Nightbot from your Twitch account before logging back in.

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Ok good to know! Thanks so much!

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Maam report this for maybe this bot to join your channel our custom commands are not working theres no problem for that! Something wrong than Report to the Nightbot Community!

Dear @dabria_games Nightbot cant fix this when these commands are custom If the commands not working or fixed Report to the a Nightbot Community. To fix the custom commands to be work

Okay thank you, it’s working right now, so I’m not sure what happened.

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